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 Introduction to our guild

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PostSubject: Introduction to our guild   Fri Aug 06, 2010 6:48 pm

Welcome to FairyTails guild

1.This guild is emerged as International guild. We are currently recruiting people for Trans WoE First Edition and scheduled at Monday to Friday

Our guild's vision is:

1. To believe in Teamwork by stick together as a group during attacking and defending. If each members follow the orders and coordination given, chance of success in dominating war of emperium will be higher. We do use Zerg Tactics.
2. We are also accepting Uber Pro that have experience in WoE. But we expects you to accept any recommendations / criticism for the purpose of improving your skills in WoE. Our main goal is to train people how to be effective playing their chosen job classes in WoE First Edition.
3. We do not differentiate people by categorizing whether you are pro or good. This means that we are accepting everyone regardless whether they have MvP cards, rare equips. All we wanted from you is co-operation for following orders during WoE times.

Our guild's main rules and regulation:
1. We are using English language as our main/priority language
2. Everyone is welcomed to join this guild~!
3. We only do Trans 2nd Job WoE. So NO 3RD JOBS ACCEPTED.
4. Before joining this guild. You will need to apply at
5. Our savepoint is in Lutie / @go 7
6. We want a member that is loyal/active in Trans WoE. We do WoE in weekdays which is Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday in Morning & Evening. If you can’t online in any of weekdays, it is compulsory for members to inform staffs about their inattendance so that we can coordinate job classes playing in the days of WoE.
7. We are using Ventrillo in commanding. This means that we will not/seldom create orders by typing. We are using sound command system as this is very effective way to giving orders to members. Password for our server will be given once you've applied and accepted in the forum. Ventrillo can be downloaded from this website:
8. Do not troll/swearing/speak inappropriate languages in Ventrillo and chat logs
9. We do not provide salaries or supply for woe.

Not be Provided:
(AD bottles, Royal Jelly, Glistening coat, Mastela fruit and Yggdrasil Berry will not be provided)

You can join us and choose job classes of your choice for WoEing. However, our guild is now prioritizing on these job classes:

1. Paladin
2. Professor
3. Clown/Gypsy
4. High Wizard
5. Soul Linkers
6. Snipers (Trappers – SS or FA type)

If you wish to apply your classes, please register forum membership and submit your application at

We are now currently in dire need of having members. Equips need to be 7+-10+ all we need from you is Teamwork and Cooperation as i've told before. If there is anything wrong with the build and stats of your application, we will correct the mistakes for you to update the application. So there is no risk of joining with us Very Happy

Once, you've already applied, we will inform you in-game and/or reply in forum to acknowledge the acceptance and we will provide you necessary information such as Ventrillo password, etc to you.

For more information, you can reply in this thread or look for us in town Lutie / @go 7.

Guild Leader: Myself

Guild Staffs:

Thank You

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Introduction to our guild
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