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 Direction for Ventrilo XD

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PostSubject: Direction for Ventrilo XD   Fri Sep 24, 2010 7:11 pm

1.First Download it at----->
2.Install it it the Username *name* (->)<---Click that arrow/Click new and type ur name on it and click (OK) the 2nd (->)<---Click/Click New and Put Intense RO/ IP: and Port:3875 and click (OK) nothing with 3rd (->) so just click Connect on the right Side and Look for (FairyTails) PW:fairy------Remember the F is lower f
7.U can listen to command on it or Use mic if u got 1 and ur finish

Im Deadly Stalker Guide for Ventrilo XD THX
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Direction for Ventrilo XD
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