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 Guide - Full Support / Ganba High Wizard

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The Start

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PostSubject: Guide - Full Support / Ganba High Wizard   Sat Sep 18, 2010 1:26 am

Hey guys, The Start, your guild commander here. I'm here to share the knowledge i have in WoE as a former member of The Old Republic / New Euthanasia. I'll be making guides on classes and builds and what you should do in SE during GvG. Take note that i am your SE commander. So what i will be showing are guides for SE / GvG, not FE.

Full Support / Ganbantein High Wizard

STR: Remaining stats
AGI: 1
VIT: 97 total
INT: 50-60 total
DEX: 120 total
LUK: 1

Moderate int for magical skills like Fire Pillar or Heavens Drive won't miss to high INT enemies.
97 total VIT = 100% stun resist, no cast High Wizards with 1 VIT cant do anything when you get stunned 25/8

Upper HG: Chicken of Love Hat[Nighmare] / Feather Beret / Beret / Poo Poo hat

Mid HG: Odin's Mask[Nightmare / Maya Purple]

Lower HG: Gangster Mask

Armorr: Unfro/Deadly Silk Robe (Learn to switch. AoD now has Stone Curse bows.)

Shield: Valk shield/Orlean's Server [Thara Frog / Horn] (Learn to switch]

Weapon: Dex Survivor's Rod / Quad Drops Knife/MG / Quad Drops Rod

Garment: Survivor's Manteau / Wool Scarf [Noxious]

Shoes: High Quality Shoes [Green Ferus] / Tidal Shoes [Green Ferus]

Accessory 1: Orlean's Glove [Smokie]
Accessory 2: Orlean's Glove [Zerom]

LVL 10 Frost Drive
LVL 10 Stone Curse
LVL 10 Fire Wall
LVL 10 Safety Wall
LVL 5/10 Fire Pillar
LVL 5 Quagmire
LVL 5 Heavens Drive
LVL 1 Ganbantein

Role during SE:
Fire Pillar and Quagmire in front of LP, Fire Wall behind LP.
SW Emp / Guardian Stones
Stone Curse or Frost Drive muthafuckass
Heavens Drive hidden enemies that you see GT-ing or Cloaking
Ganba enemy LP from the inside out. Don't aim to erase a spot on their LP, aim for all of it.

Any questions? post here.

Hope this helps. PEACE.

- The Start
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Guide - Full Support / Ganba High Wizard
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