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 Guide - Damage Dealer / AD Biochemist

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The Start

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PostSubject: Guide - Damage Dealer / AD Biochemist   Sat Sep 18, 2010 1:50 am

This guide was second on the list seeing as many Biochemists i see have no idea what they're doing, and just AD all the way, get stunned 25/8, die, then do it all over again. I hope this won't happen anymore. I wanna see this guild grow and get better.

STR: 1
AGI: 25
VIT: 1
INT: 99
DEX: 99
LUK: 1

See, no VIT. Because if you put VIT, you will be get pawned by another
Bio. And about STR, you don't need STR for merchant because they have Increase Weight Limit. 25 AGI? for
animation delay. For example, if you are using Sniper, if you put 1 AGI, his Double Strafe will be
too slow, and if he puts AGI, the DS will be faster. just like Acid Demo.


Not that well funded:
Upper HG: Chicken of Love Hat [Stalactic Golem] -20% stun

Mid HG: Odin Mask [Stalactic Golem] -20% stun

Low HG: anything

Armor: Meteor Plate [Evil Druid] ( -30% stun, Evil Druid, INT +1)

Weapon: Knife / Main Gauche [4 Cecil Damon]

Shield: Orleans Server [Flame Skull] ( -30% stun freeze stone )

Garment: Wool Scarf [Noxious]

Shoes: Tidal Shoes [Matyr]

Accessory 1: Orlean's Glove [Zerom/Smokie] (Learn to switch)

Accessory 2: Orlean's Glove [Zerom]

Upper HG: Holy Marcher Hat [Stalactic Golem] -30% stun

Mid HG: Odin's Mask [Stalactic Golem] -20% stun

Lower HG: Rainbow Scarf

(Instead of these Headgears, you could get a +5 Dark Bashilrium [Stalactic Golem] instead.)

Armor: Valkyrja's Armor [Evil Druid] -50% stun

Weapon: Same as above / mix cards with Doppelganger

Shield: Valkyrja's Shield [Horn]

Garment: Diablolus Manteau [Noxious]

Shoes: Diabolus Boots [Matyr]

Accessories: Same as above

You could mix the two builds together. The 100% stun's what's important. See there's no Immune? Because even if you have Immune, it's not enough to tank Asura. And Noxious would be better since you're gonna get raped by enemy AD too. Hiding accessory is for hiding, to evade Asura, and to make your Pally's life easier.

Basically, FCP and AD. For the skills, i don't want you guys do the same thing as i see in a LOT of people. DD and Support in one char. (HELL NO.) If you're support, all you need are SPP and FCP. If you are a DD, only Acid Demo and FCP, you
are the Damage Dealer.

For the Homun, get Lif. saves money on Speed Pots.

Any questions? Post here.

- The Start
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Guide - Damage Dealer / AD Biochemist
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