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 Wasabi's application

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PostSubject: Wasabi's application   Sat Sep 18, 2010 10:47 am

Country: Malaysia
Age: 20

Name in game: Wasabi
Job you're applying for?(you need to be lvl 99): Champion
How long have you been playing your class?: 1 years
What is your alternate job?: High wizard
Will you participate in both FE and SE?: Yes. Mainly SE.
What specific time/s will you attend?: All except AM FE.

Do you know what Ventrilo is?: Yes
Do you have Ventrilo?(A must): Yes
Do you have a mic?(Optional): No money
Do you have speakers/headphones?(A must): Yes

If you get accepted, will you be a forum active?(in our forums): Yes
Headgear Top:+10 jester crest of maestro
Mid:+9 odin mask of maestro
Lower:ganster scarf
Armor:+9 unfrozen sprint mail
Left Hand(shield):+9 carinal orlean's server
Right Hand:+9 double bloody boned luna kaleet
Garment:+9 immune wool scarf
Shoes:+9 superior sprint shoes
Accessories:sprint ring
Accessories:nimble orlean's glove

Str 66+21
Agi 1+21
Vit 65+9
Int 29+20
Dex 99+28
Luk 1+3

(Sorry i dunno use the imageshack to upload pic. XD. Hope u all nt mind )

In My BM: My barricade weapon, +9 Luna Kaleet [3x AK] and a NOG.

For the next questions, answer only what you're going to participate in.

FE WOE Related:
What do you first do when entering the castle?
Survey the entrance, check if there's good/any def within, warn guildmates.

If the opposing guild is defending right at the very entrance, what do you do?
Warn guildmates, try to take out enemy devo(if possible), and let the guild get ready for some FE GvG.

At the emp room, what's the first thing you do when there's heavy defense?
Try my best to avoid traps and kill the trapper, if not, stay back and wait until it's clear, and ASura anything that could be a threat.

When a breaker / ecaller slips through your defense, what do you do?
Tell everybody else and try my best to find him and go for the kill.

Will you listen to your Guild Leaders and Commanders during WoE?
Of course.

SE WOE Related:
What is your knowledge about GvG?(What is GvG?):
Guild vs. Guild. It's basically two guilds trying to wipe out one another by any means necessary. The guilds normally stick together on LP and Devo, wherin enemy HWs try and kill the LP to make way for the AoE killers.

If we are defending inside the barricades what should you do?
Pneuma the barricades, but stay far enough as to avoid enemy fire.

If we are defending outside the barricades what should you do?
What i do best, mob control. Fix the lineup in our LP, and Asura possible divers, then go back to LP.

If we are attacking the barricades and the opposing guild is defending inside the barricades, what should you do?
Try my best to tank enemy fire and Asura the barricades using my barricade weapon. If possible, with devo.

If we are getting "sandwiched" what should you do?
Stay cool and not panic. Try to keep the guild that way as well. Try and Asura anything or everything that goes by and that's not being Devo'd, and possibly kill the enemy Devo as well.

Will you listen to your Guild Leaders and Commanders during WoE?
Of course.

Misc. questions:
What is your current guild or former guild?: Fairy Tails
What class did you play?: Champion
Why do you want to join us?: Because i believe this guild has a good future ahead, and to help out this guild with my knowledge as well.
Do you know anyone from our guild?: Deadly, Shadow, Jaak, Rexs, and many more that leave guild or quit XD
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PostSubject: Re: Wasabi's application   Sat Sep 18, 2010 8:58 pm

You just copied my sample app. -___________-

Edit this, please.
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Wasabi's application
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