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 RiceNoodle's application

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PostSubject: RiceNoodle's application   Sat Sep 18, 2010 1:18 pm

Name:Danny Kan
Country: USA
Age: 22

Name in game:RiceNoodle
Job you're applying for?(you need to be lvl 99):Champion
How long have you been playing your class? 6-8 years?
What is your alternate job?:None
Will you participate in both FE and SE?: What ever I can get too, ill do em!
What specific time/s will you attend?: I have class from 12:30 to 4, from Monday through Thursday. Anytime after that and weekends i should be good to go.

Do you know what Ventrilo is?: yes
Do you have Ventrilo?(A must):yes
Do you have a mic?(Optional):yes
Do you have speakers/headphones?(A must):yes

If you get accepted, will you be a forum active?(in our forums):Kinda

Equips (THIS IS A MUST):
You can use ( ) to post your equips(WOE EQUIPMENT).
[img][You must be registered and logged in to see this image.][/img]

For the next questions, answer only what you're going to participate in.

FE WOE Related: Will be attending most PMs woes.
What do you first do when entering the castle?
Snap around, scout and tell my guilds whats ahead. ANd kill what i can!

If the opposing guild is defending right at the very entrance, what do you do?
Snap through and tell guild whats to be expected
At the emp room, what's the first thing you do when there's heavy defense?
Stay near guild, and on LP, and asura what comes near.
When a breaker / ecaller slips through your defense, what do you do?
Let guild know someone sliip through
Will you listen to your Guild Leaders and Commanders during WoE?
SE WOE Related:
What is your knowledge about GvG?(What is GvG?):

If we are defending inside the barricades what should you do? Pneuma

If we are defending outside the barricades what should you do? Pneuma, and kill everyone I can of course trying to stay alive as well.

If we are attacking the barricades and the opposing guild is defending inside the barricades, what should you do? Pneuma and stay in LP

If we are getting "sandwiched" what should you do? Pick off who ever I can.

Will you listen to your Guild Leaders and Commanders during WoE? yes

Misc. questions:
What is your current guild or former guild?: My sura is in heavenly reborn
What class did you play?:
Why do you want to join us?: Already in
Do you know anyone from our guild?:No one in real life
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The Start

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PostSubject: Re: RiceNoodle's application   Sat Sep 18, 2010 8:47 pm

RiceNoodle, you're lacking a HUGE number of things in your app.

Barricade weapon? Foods?

And regarding your equips,

WTF KK? Sorry, but KK cards just ruin my day.

And sprint set? srsly. If i were you i'd make a major overhaul.

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RiceNoodle's application
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